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Community description:A community to encourage writing 15 minutes every day
This community is designed to encourage people to write (or engage in writing-related activities) at least 15 minutes per day (or do any other type of creative activity! We have vidders, artists, etc. as well as writers). Obviously, people can do MORE than that, but the idea is that, since anyone can do something for 15 minutes per day, there are no excuses!.

The basic idea here is, set a timer for 15 minutes, and write (or edit, etc.) without distraction for 15 minutes. Each day.

The community is for daily (and weekly) check-ins, as well as supportive and encouraging discussion of people's writing goals, and providing motivation to, well, just do it!

Additionally, we will discuss writing topics of interest to members, and may have occasional special challenges.

Anyone is welcome to join!! We are an eclectic group and would love to have new people join us. Membership is unmoderated. Posting is allowed by any and all members at this point.

Contents/Warning: Writers in this community will be discussing writing of all kinds, including erotica. Contents will sometimes include discussions of or writing snippets containing explicit m/m sex, f/f sex, het sex, poly sex, alien tentacle sex, various kinks, WHATEVER. Discussions of societal issues or hurt/comfort type writing may also occur. Do not join if any of these things are offensive/problematic to you on any level. (We do try to give general warnings if we discuss excerpts with potentially triggery material, but caveat lector still applies).

Rules: Here are our Rules

Let's have fun and support each other in our writing goals, and most importantly... work on writing 15 minutes every. single. day. \o/

Remember, everyone is welcome to join! Membership is open: simply click Join.... you can always unjoin. We're a relaxed and welcoming group and there's no pressure to comment. Unless you want to be pressured, haha! <3

Contacting comm mods: Contact us with any concerns/questions at or
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